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5 Ways We Suggest you Style your Vintage Trunk

5 Ways We Suggest you Style your Vintage Trunk

Vintage Trunks You probably know this by now, we LOVE a vintage trunk. The styling possibilities, the nostalgia, the charm...the storage options. There is so much to love, we might be a little obsessed - in a good way! We have the biggest collection of gorgeous aged trunks to offer our vintage lovers. A good vintage trunk is not only rich in character but history as well. A lot of these old trunks have their original stickers on them. These stickers allow our customers to be transported by in time. We could just keep stacks of trunks in our home, that's how much we love them. But we thought we'd offer some practical ways to style these beauties for the more practical-minded out there. vintage steamer trunk

Top 5 Ways to Style Vintage Trunks

  1. Use your vintage trunk as a blanket box

That's right. One of these gorgeous trunks would make an ideal blanket box. Simply choose one of your liking (it might be hard to choose just 1!), then place it at the end of your bed. Voila, you've got yourself some charming bedroom storage. We think that a vintage travel trunk would suit any bedroom style from minimalistic to shabby chic or industrial vintage. Most of these old trunks are pretty big, so no doubt you'll be able to get plenty of blankets inside. This is truly one of the most style ways to create storage space in your room. If extra linen or blankets don't need storage, then why not tuck away your seasonal clothes or shoes. Our range of trunks come in all different sizes and colours, so have a wee browse and find the perfect storage trunk for your bedroom. vintage steamer trunk

2. Use your vintage trunk as a coffee table

What is better than a conversational piece of furniture in your living room? Nothing. That's why we suggest an old vintage trunk as a coffee table. You'll get to enjoy the rich history these trunks offer. From old stickers to initials to scuffs and marks from travelling aboard ships, Scaramanga trunks will offer plenty of conversation. We don't mind that the surface can be a bit uneven, it makes it even more character-filled. However, we see a lot of customers simply place a sheet of glass over top for that smooth desirable surface. Clever, eh? Now that you're inspired, you won't settle for any old boring coffee table, we certain of it. If that didn't sell you enough, then think about the storage possibilities. We usually keep extra blankets and board games in ours. So unlike your ordinary coffee table, our steamer trunk coffee tables not only look amazing but provide practical storage. steamer trunk coffee table

3. Use your vintage trunk as home decor

Pretty simple and perhaps obvious, but these old trunks make excellent decoration. Vintage travel trunks are works of art in our opinion, so just one in your home can bring a lot of character and charm. Easily put one on top of a wardrobe, next to your bed or on a shelf, just as you would a picture. The deep browns and various textures of leather and canvas make each trunk a stunning visual treat. Additionally, old trunks like these were adorned in brass hardware and interesting features. These qualities make them even more special. So why not use them as such? Whether your house is nautical, vintage, shabby chic or even pretty modern, an old trunk will bring loads of style. vintage steamer trunk

4. Use your vintage trunk as a side table

You can keep all your essentials close by when you use a trunk next as a table. One storage trunk might be a bit low, but 2 stacked would be a perfect height. The rich leather or wood will bring depth to any lounge or any room in your home. You can even use these as bedside tables. Simply place your bedside lamp and clock on top and you've got yourself a genius side table. We have some pictured below next to some gorgeous armchairs which is a complete vintage look. However, if you have a more modern interior with simple chairs, that would work too. Mixing and matching furntiure styles show a true sense of style and make your home truly unique. leather trunk

5. Use your vintage trunk to put stuff on

That might sound, well, silly and obvious. However, it's worth pointing out that these make excellent surface areas. For example, imagine a few stacked up at a different height with a bunch of plants on them. What a unique vintage jungle look! We're always looking for cool or unique plant stands and feel this ticks all the boxes. Or you can have one next to your fireplace, open or closed, for stacking wood or logs. This would offer your lounge or living space that popular 'cabin in the woods' vibe. If you'd like more information on the history of trunks, Carl explains a little here: vintage steamer trunks You can see our love and passion for vintage trunk is real. Let us know your favourite ways to style them!
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