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How to get Industrial Style in your home

How to get Industrial Style in your home


While certain trends in interior design come and go, others make such a lasting impression that they go from trend to classic style. This is how we view Industrial Style. Yes, it very much started out as a trend, only found in lofts or artist spaces, but it quickly seeped into the our homes and is here to stay. We love that our owner, Carl, doesn't take an 'all or nothing' approach to interiors, rather he believes a well-styled home has various elements of style. This is why Scaramanga offers a unique range of vintage, rustic, retro, modern, mid-century and industrial furniture. All of these can be incorporated into your home. Today we focus on Industrial Style in your home. First, what is Industrial Style? It's appeal started because of availability, creativity and lacked a certain pretentious attitude. It has sharp lines, rough surfaces, raw qualities that can transport one back to a hard-working lifestyle. It's incredibly resourceful and humble because it focuses on form as much as function. Here are Scaramanga's top picks so you can get Industrial Style in your home: Industrial Lighting is a fantastic addition to any home. These classic enamel pendant lamps would work well over any table or dining area and are as much factory looking as they are chic and modern.


thumb_ltng75001-5 thumb_ltng75001-6 Industrial Style chairs can work in just about any room in your home. These are ORIGINAL Esavian school chairs! They are pretty low, so although they are not ideal as proper dining chairs, we have found that they look best lined up, maybe 2 or 3, against a wall and act like a bench. With hooks above for coats and jackets, it makes a splendid entry way.


thumb_tcbs40144-4 thumb_tcbs40144-2 Need storage? Industrial Style can help with that. This vintage metal chest is truly something special. It is extra large, extra heavy and sits on original wooden wheels and has its original colour still. This would be deal in that room in our house that needs color and storage.


thumb_tlmt50040-2 thumb_tlmt50040-7

Industrial Style can come in all sizes, too. These metal tins would add and industrial look to any look, won't break the bank and can be used as storage as well. This pale green is heavily sought after for kitchen decor these days, too.


thumb_tlmt50105-2thumb_tlmt50105-3 Bring some Industrial Style into your lounge. This vintage aluminium trunk will add a chic, modern, vintage and of course industrial look to your room. It will hold your feet, books and the remote as a coffee table and act as extra seating if you have guests...hint: you can easily throw the kids toys in it too before they arrive.


thumb_tlmt50058-4 thumb_tlmt50058-3

As you can tell, we are big fans of Industrial Style. Visit our shops or our online shop to see the full collection:
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