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Handmade Leather Journals - The Scaramanga Top Five

Handmade Leather Journals - The Scaramanga Top Five

Balck Leather Journal, £6.75
While we might be famous here at Scaramanga for our beautiful, handcrafted leather satchels, we also use the same tough buffalo leather to construct a wide range of leather journals, sketchbooks and photo albums. Whether you’re a student, somebody who enjoys being creative, or simply someone who needs to write themselves a reminder every now and then, we’ve got a notebook or sketchbook for you.
Red Leather Journal, £6.75
For the List Maker

Do you have to remember a hundred different things every day? Perhaps you’re a busy parent who has to keep track of play-dates and after school clubs? Whether you’re working in a busy office, or you spend your days looking after the home, sometimes it helps to have somewhere to note down the important stuff. The Scaramanga red leather journal, £6.75, is the ideal solution for anyone who has a lot to remember – the hardwearing leather makes an ideal protective cover for its 40 pages of handmade paper , while the smaller 13cmx10cm dimensions mean that it will fit into even the most packed handbag or briefcase.

Meenakshi Leather Journal, £35

For the Traveller

If you’re off on a holiday, whether it’s two weeks in Spain, or two months around the world, you’re probably keen to keep some sort of diary or journal of your experiences. Forget high street notebooks and instead opt for our gorgeous Meenakshi Leather Journal, £35, which features a brightly coloured hand-finished design on the front cover, just perfect for recording any exotic adventures. With 80 pages of handmade paper, and dimensions of 16cmx23, you’ll find you have plenty of room to write down all the important details, so you don’t forget a thing.

Extra Large Embossed Leather Sketchbook, £32.50

For the Artist

As well as catering for those who enjoy writing, we also like to consider the more artistically creative people, which is why we designed our range of leather sketchbooks, such as the extra large embossed leather sketchbook, £32.50. The 120 pages of heavyweight, handmade paper are ideal for sketching and drawing, whether you want to use pencil, ink or fountain pens, and the generous 26cmx19 dimensions mean that they’re ideal for creating great works of art.

Antique Leather Sketchbook, £49

For the Scrapbooker

If you’re creating a memory book, or just enjoy collating ideas together, our antique leather sketchbook, £49, is ideal to use as a scrapbook. This extra, extra large antique sketchbook consists of 70 pages of handmade paper, all bound together using traditional techniques between reclaimed leather covers, beautifully embossed and given a distressed finish. The thick paper is perfect for using with pencil, fountain pen and inks, and also makes a great surface to stick any photographs or clippings to. The huge 38cmx22 measurements mean that you’ll easily be able to create beautiful scrapbook pages, while the genuine antique leather covers mean that no two sketchbooks are ever the same.

Leather Photo Album, £35

For the Photographer

As well as sketchbooks and journals, we also stock a selection of photograph albums, such as the leather photo album, £35, which consists of 40 pages of heavyweight paper, bound carefully within a leather cover that has been rubbed with vegetable dyes, and carefully embossed for a beautiful finish. Each page is interlaced with protective tissue, meaning that your photographs will be protected and stored carefully – this beautiful album would make the ideal gift for a new parent, or even a perfect wedding album.

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