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Get to know the team behind Scaramanga

Get to know the team behind Scaramanga

meet the team behind Scaramanga, today we have graeme Get to know the team behind Scaramanga – Let’s get to know the people who make Scaramanga work. Find out what a day in the life is like in one of the UK’s best leather bag designers, we were most recently awarded Best Original Vintage Leather Bag Specialists 2020 by SME News. Today we get to know a little more about our Warehouse Manager, Graeme. Name: Graeme Main Age: 23: 🙂 Job Title: Warehouse Manager How did you come to work at Scaramanga?: I was headhunted by an employee. What is your favourite part of your job?: Being a part of a great team who are all very supportive and knowledgeable. What is a day in the life like for you at Scaramanga?: It can be quite challenging but ultimately rewarding. What keeps you motivated?: My family and getting nice feedback from happy customers. What do you love about the brand?: The uniqueness and great quality. What is your fav bag or accessory?: The duffle bag. Mens Leather Travel Bag Your favourite type of furniture we source?: I really love the teak wedding chests. wedding anniversary gifts We hope you are all enjoying getting to know team Scaramanga a little better and getting an insight as to how incredible employees are. It's been great fun getting to know what everyone loves best about working for Scaramanga . Stay tuned for the next instalment.
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