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Garden Furniture | Garden Party | Scaramanga

Garden Furniture | Garden Party | Scaramanga

Your garden will be the talk of the town this year if you shop from our unique range of garden furniture. Vibrant and playful, this collection of outdoor furniture can't be matched. From outdoor tables and chairs to fire pits and vintage cool boxes, you're guaranteed affordable outdoor furniture that is completely one of a kind. We've sourced the globe so you have a practical, affordable and stylish collection of vintage furniture to choose from.

Garden Tables and Chairs

The foundation of all garden furniture is, of course, the garden tables and chairs. That's why our selection of tables and chairs is unlike anyone else's. We have wooden folding chairs, folding tables and metal tables and chairs as well as table and chair sets. You'll get that popular shabby chic rustic look with vintage red folding chairs, with the bonus of them easily folding up and not taking up too much space for storage. A choice of red or cream awaits, but we're a bit biased towards the red. That pop of colour is unforgettable! Oh and most importantly, they're sturdy, so you'll not have to worry about your guests on wobbly chairs! garden furniture | garden furniture | scaramanga To accompany the folding chairs, you'll also see a collection of folding tables. These beauties were used in outdoor weddings in India and now can be your feature piece for your next garden party. They are made of teak and steel, so they're obviously very durable and will last for years to come. And again, just like the chairs, we love the fact that they can fold up. You'll get to choose from either red or blue folding tables when you shop at Scaramangashop today. garden furntiure | garden party | scaramanga In addition to our wooden tables and chairs, we have this metal vintage table and bench set. This makes a real statement indoors as well as outdoors. From the iconic vintage teal colour to the rustic metal frame, you'll enjoy every aspect of this outdoor table and bench. Your guests will immediately feel the positive vibes from this table, it just exudes fun and vibrancy! garden furniture | outdoor furniture | scaramanga

Outdoor Fire Pits

There's nothing better than sitting around a fire with close friends and family, nothing. Our outdoor fire pits will set the mood and add an element of cosiness to your garden party. And like all our vintage furniture, these Kadai fire pits are completely unique. They are repurposed kadai bowls sourced from India. Kadai bowls would be used in big Indian kitchens for cooking large meals. We've forged the metal legs and voila, a completely one of a kind fire pit with charm, character and a bit of history. garden furniture | garden party | Scaramanga

Outdoor Decor

From vintage cool boxes to Moroccan lanterns, we have outdoor decor that will bring all the finishing touches to your garden party this year. Our popular cool boxes sell pretty quickly as they are a real iconic garden party feature. They are as practical as they are cool! Whether your theme is retro or not, a cool box will be the talking point of your party. garden furniture | coolbox | scaramanga What better way to complement a coolbox than on old-school soda crate. We have a delightful range of soda crates that include 7up, Coca-Cola, Pepsi crates, Thumbs Up and Citra. Old wooden crates like these are extremely versatile. They can use them to hold food or drinks in a stylish way, but they can also hold flowers, toys or cutlery. Or use them as an iconic centrepiece, we're sure they'll be a real feature piece! garden furniture | soda crates | Scaramanga Glasses are a dime a dozen, you can get them just about anywhere. So what makes our drinking glasses so unique? Believe it or not, these are chai glasses from India. Chai is a traditional drink, served just about everywhere in India, it's meant to be sipped from these lovely little glasses. But you don't have to serve just chai from these glasses, they'll hold any liquid at your garden party. Including wine, you are serving wine at your party, right? garden furniture | chai glasses | Scaramanga Lastly, you can choose from a variety of colours and sizes in our lantern collection. These look absolutely stunning on tabletops or you can simply hang them from a tree or fence for some create mood lighting. garden furniture | lanterns | Scaramanga We hope you find something amongst our vintage furniture collection that you can use for your next garden party. Have a look on Pinterest if you're in need of garden party ideas. Make your next party memorable with a new vibrant piece.
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