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Pop Art Canvas Bags - Four Ways To Use Yours

Pop Art Canvas Bags - Four Ways To Use Yours

Here at Scaramanga we stock a wide range of bags, from vintage leather satchels to childrens leather school bags, but did you know that we also have a large range of ethical canvas bags? Adorned with bright pop-art designs, and available with long or short handles, these marvellously adaptable bags can be used for much more than just carrying your cornflakes. Read on for our favourite ways to make the most of your Scaramanga fabric bags.
Canvas Bag by Scaramanga
Ganesh Canvas Bag, £4.50
1. Take them to the market.

There’s not much in life better than setting out early to buy your weekly fruit and vegetables from the local market, and now you can bring your goodies home in style with the Scaramanga Ganesh canvas bag, £4.50 or the Glorious Goa canvas bag, £4.50. Measuring a large 40cmx38x18, and with strong fabric handles, you can be sure that your potatoes and pears will make it home in one piece in either of these fabulously eco-friendly shopping bags.

Fabric Bags, £4.50

T-Rex Canvas Bag, £4.50
2. Fill them with toys and books.

Our fabric bags are supersized, super colourful and super strong , making them the ideal accessory for your childs bedroom or playroom. If you’re looking for a unique way to tidy away toys and games, the T-Rex canvas bag, £4.50, is just what you’re looking for. Constructed from hardwearing, stiff canvas, this bag will maintain its shape when filled, making it the perfect place to hide away bricks, books, jigsaws and play food. The colourful pop art print will fit perfectly into any space meant for a child, adding colour and interest to any dull corner.

Tiger Canvas Bag, £4.50

3. Pack them full of baby things.

If you’re a parent, or about to become a parent, you’ll know one thing – babies and children turn any short outing into an expedition. A quick trip to the shops can mean packing a bag with everything from nappies to bottles, toys to snacks and everything in between, so you’ll want to find a nappy bag that’s both versatile and roomy. The Scaramanga Tiger canvas bag, £4.50 will make the ideal bag to keep all of your belongings safe and organised – the large 40cmx38x13 dimensions mean you can squeeze in everything you need, while the long handles allow you to just throw it over your shoulder and go. No worrying about searching through pockets either – everything you need is to hand.

Che Canvas Bag, £4.50

4. Organise your recycling.

In the age of global warming, air pollution and the decline of species, the environment is at the heart of many conversations. Recycling has never been more important, or more talked about – from saving waste to create your own compost to making regular trips to the bottle bank, we’ve all got lots of rubbish to organise. Rather than cluttering up your kitchen with dull plastic boxes, why not use a selection of our fabric bags, such as the Che canvas bag, £4.50 to divide your plastic from your glass? Not only will the colourful designs brighten up your kitchen, but when they’re full, you can simply pick them up and take them to the recycling bin – no stacking into boxes or plastic bags, just grab the strong fabric handles and go.

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