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Five Ways with... Scaramanga Vintage Apple Crates

Five Ways with... Scaramanga Vintage Apple Crates

Vintage Apple Crates, £55
Here at Scaramanga, we love our vintage and retro homewares, especially if they happen to be multi-functional as well. We think that combining great aesthetics with an element of practicality is the only way to furnish your home – which is why we particularly love our vintage apple crates, £55 per pair. We’ve come up with five ingenious ways to get the most from your boxes – read on for the Scaramanga guide to utilising vintage apple crates.
Vintage apple crates as magazine storage
To store books, magazines, DVDs and toys

If you’ve got a vintage themed lounge, the last thing you want to store your books or DVDs in is a mass-produced shelving kit or cupboard from the high street. Instead, choose our vintage apple crates to keep your media safe, and turn an essential but boring piece of storage into a stylish retro feature. Alternatively, use them to store toys and games in a playroom or child’s bedroom, either alone or stacked up against the wall – additional casters make them easy to transport by even the smallest of hands.

Vintage apple crates used in the garden to display potted plants
In the garden

When it comes to using our apple crates in the garden, the possibilities are endless. Use them as storage, either to organise your tools in the shed or as a place to keep your pots tidy, or stack them up with bricks into a shelving unit to display potted plants. Alternatively, line them with thick card and plant directly into them, to create rustic planters and propagators.

Vintage apple crates as shoe storage

As a shoe or coat rack

Does your hallway need organising? Perhaps you’re fed up with piles of shoes, and lost keys? Forget flimsy shoe racks and characterless hooks, and choose our vintage apple crates to keep your space organised. Add some casters to the bottom of one crate to construct shoe storage that’s easily moveable, and screw some simple metal hooks into the other and mount on the wall to create a vintage style coat and key rack.

As a Coffee Table

As a coffee table

If you’re looking for a coffee table with a difference, our vintage apple crates are the ideal solution – the W76cm x D45 x H16 dimensions make them the ideal sized surface, while the sturdy wood can withstand even the chunkiest book or heaviest teacup. For a low table, stack two or three crates together upside down, and then cover with a vintage or retro tablecloth. Alternatively, for a more rustic look, leave them uncovered, or for something more decorative, paint them first.

Vintage apple crates as a seating area

As a seating area

For a small seating area, either inside the house or out in the garden, the Scaramanga vintage apple crates are just the thing. The solid wood panels make our crates strong enough to sit on, and they can easily be turned into a place to relax for five minutes, whether on the patio or in the lounge. Alternatively, use four or six together, and create a teenager-friendly place to spend time with friends – simply stack them together upside down, cover in cushions and blankets, and relax.

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