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Five Ways with a Vintage Suitcase

Five Ways with a Vintage Suitcase

Vintage Blue Travel Trunk, £70
If you’re a fan of vintage, be it in your home or as an accessory, you’ll love our range of vintage and retro suitcases and trunks. But if you’re thinking that while you love the style, they’re a completely impractical purchase, then think again. We’ve picked our favourites from the entire range here at Scaramanga, and devised a list of five imaginative and creative ways to use fabulous retro and vintage suitcases. Read on for ideas that will fire your imagination and inspire you to add a vintage touch to your home.

Old Black Monogrammed Leather Suitcase with Blue Lining, £40
Old Black Suitcase, £40.00

Vintage suitcases can be used in a number of different ways, but the most common, and most obvious is as storage. Create a vintage feature in its own right by stacking them up and leaving them on view, or alternatively cover with a retro tablecloth or piece of fabric, and use as a coffee table or nightstand. For larger items such as bedding, out-of-season clothes and books, choose one of our biggest suitcases, or for smaller accessories or CDs, opt for the old black suitcase, £40. A sturdy little suitcase with blue lining and monogrammed outer, this would look fantastic stacked in the corner of any bedroom or lounge.

Vintage Brown Leather Suitcase, £32.50

Vintage Brown Leather Suitcase, £32.50
Old Suitcase, £32.50

If you’re a keen gardener, or enjoy growing your own fruit and vegetables, you’ll already know that there are a massive variety of planters and containers on the market. For something a little different, try sowing your seeds in our old suitcase, £32.50. The sturdy construction and 30cm depth make this the ideal alternative to traditional wooden or ceramic pots, and will give your beloved garden a little vintage touch. For extra drainage, punch a few holes into the base, and add a layer of horticultural grit.

Vintage Monogrammed Brown Leather Suitcase, £130
Vintage Leather Suitcase, £130.00

If you like the idea of furnishing your home with a vintage or retro suitcase, but have your storage sorted, why not turn our vintage leather suitcase, £130, into a small footstool, stool or pet bed. The large W77cmxD45xH22 dimensions are perfect for any cat to curl up on or feet to rest on, and the solid sides and base mean you can pop your bottom on it without any danger of collapse. To transform your suitcase into a pet bed or footstool, simply remove the top half, add four small furniture legs to the base, and pop a snugly fitting cushion inside. Then sit back and put your feet up!

Vintage Grey Military Suitcase, £80
Vintage Grey Military Suitcase, £80
Military Suitcase, £80.00

If you’re looking for some storage, but don’t want to simply stack your vintage suitcases in the corner, why not mount them on the wall and use them as shelves? Either separate the top and bottom for two separate shelves, or keep them together as a mini unit, then just screw the base to the wall – it’s that easy! Any sturdy variety will do, as the sides act as the shelf, but our military suitcase, £80, is ideal – not only are the solid sides a large 20cm deep, but the suitcase is lined in a beautiful floral fabric, which would make the ideal background for storing anything from books to teacups.

Beige Retro Travel Trunk, £85
Retro Travel Trunk, £85.00

If you don’t need storage, and don’t fancy a stool, you could always use your suitcase as.... a suitcase! Our retro travel trunk, £85, is a genuine 1940s/50s suitcase, and comes complete with all of the original internal features. Store your shoes safely with the individual compartments, and ensure that your clothes remain crease free with the long hanger – with this vintage travel trunk, you’re guaranteed to arrive in style.

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