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Five Reasons to Buy Vintage Furniture

Five Reasons to Buy Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture by Scaramanga
Whether you’re making some changes to your home, or planning on moving somewhere new, furniture is bound to be on your list of things to look at. There are plenty of places to buy new shelves, chairs and cupboards, but here at Scaramanga we have an extensive range of vintage and retro furniture just waiting to be taken home. Read on for our top five reasons to ditch the mass-produced and opt for antiques to complete your home instead.

Vintage Filing System, £250
1. Better construction and quality

It’s a well known fact that whatever you’re buying, be it clothes or furniture, the quality isn’t what it was in the middle of the last century. Cabinets and cupboards from the post-war period were built to last, and people lived with a ‘make do and mend’ ethos, rather than the throwaway attitude of today. Buying vintage furniture from Scaramanga, such as our vintage filing system, £250 means that you’ll be investing something that will last you a lifetime.

The General Fireproofing Company Red Retro Chairs, £400
2. Have a piece of history in your home

One of the best things about buying vintage furniture is knowing that it’s already been well used in any number of different situations. Whether you’ve found a table that was used in a military base during the war, or some folding chairs from an old village meeting room, you’ll be embellishing your home with living history. Occasionally, you might stumble across date stamped pieces, such as our red retro chairs, £400, which will shed more light on where your furniture was made, and what it might have been used for.

The Vintage Home by Scaramanga

3. Help the environment

By refusing to spend money on brand new, mass-produced furniture, and instead furnishing your home with vintage and retro pieces, you’re helping the environment in two ways. By taking old, unloved furniture home with you and giving it a new life, you’re keeping it out of the rubbish system, or even out of landfill – in this day and age, there’s no better way to help the planet than reducing waste. Secondly, by choosing not to buy brand new, you’re reducing your consumption and therefore your carbon footprint – when something is manufactured, it creates a huge impact on the environment, from the production of raw materials right down to the packaging. By opting for something that already exists, you can be assured that your home will not only be stylishly furnished, but it will also have had a minimal effect on the earth.

Old Merchants Chest, £475

4. Enjoy the unique style

Mass produced furniture is just that – thousands of pieces made in a factory, in exactly the same way, from flimsy materials. Antique and vintage furniture is entirely different, and when placed in the right setting can make an incredible impact on a room. Quirky features, such as hidden compartments, intricate carvings and unique shapes make up cupboards, boxes and benches here at Scaramanga, such as the old merchants chest, £475, which is actually an old art deco chest from India. Whether you’re a fan of tables with tapered legs from the mid-century, or old wooden chests with removable trays and embellished panels, our range of furniture will add a unique retro feel to any room in your home.

Preserve the Past with Scaramanga

5. Preserve the past

There’s no greater tool to tell us about social history than items from around the time – and furniture is the best example there is. Whether you’re learning about how we lived during the art deco period, to the social trends of the war years, furniture is as close to living history as you’ll get. Design features such as elliptical shapes, hand carved panels and even marks made by previous owners all contribute to helping us learn about the history of the world. Rather than consigning old cupboards, tables and chairs to the scrap heap, give them a home instead, and help to preserve the past while furnishing your future.

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