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Festival Fashion Bags by Scaramanga

Festival Fashion Bags by Scaramanga

Festival fashion is among the leading trends now when it comes to summer style. Once the lineup is announced at your favourite summer festivals, it's time to get your outfit lineup sorted. We've selected a few of our most popular leather handbags that will complement any outfit lineup this year. This selection of most popular handbags is based on style and practicality, because both are equally as important as the other when it comes to festival fashion. Our first festival bag choice is the Tramway leather crossbody bag. It's compact, so you're not weighted down while your dancing, it holds money, phone, keys, camera, makeup and a few more essential bits. It's slim strap won't distract from your well thought out outfit and the distressed leather can get wet, because you will get wet. 1 Next, we have our leather tote bag. This tote bag will allow you to carry an umbrella, rain jacket, blanket and lots more, so you can be prepared for anything. The soft leather make it comfortable to carry around and the thick soft straps will stay on your shoulders perfectly. The distressed leather looks smart and rustic; watch out for all the complements you'll receive on this large gorgeous bag. 18 Our third favourite festival bag is our Mini Boho Leather Backpack. The reasons are clear; it's chic, simple, leaves you hands-free and provides ample room for daily essentials and is very comfortable to wear. 10 Our leather saddlebag is our next option for fashion savvy festival goers. It's shape is classic and can easily fit daily essentials, more importantly it fits nicely across your body, so you can hold your phone and drink all day long with no problem. 16 Last, but never least, is our Large Boho Leather Backpack. You can fit everything you need it in, look super stylish and have the comfort and ease of having your hands free. 14
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