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Decorating Ideas: Vintage Printers Trays | by Scaramanga

Decorating Ideas: Vintage Printers Trays | by Scaramanga

We pride ourselves on sourcing original and unique vintage furniture and home accessories. Home decor is something our customers have come to rely on us for and in a time of cheap reproductions, our original furniture is set apart from the rest. Fortunately we were able to acquire these vintage printer's letterpress trays/drawers, which have long been requested by our customers. Original printer's letterpress drawers are difficult to source as they are becoming popular decorating ideas with DIY'ers and upcyclers. But we came across a small quantity of trays from an old print factory in India. vintage printing type tray You can find our affordable vintage printer's trays here, each sold separately and each slightly different from one another and of course a chic home decor idea your friends will envy. We also have a gorgeous vintage printer's cabinets, which is very similar to the type of cabinet our trays originally came from. vintage printers trays in a printer's cabinet The printers drawers are very durable as they've been made from India hardwood. Since they are original and old, each vary slightly from one another, not the overall size, but the the compartments might be differently sized. vintage printing block trays vintage printing type tray For those who love to get organized or seek unique and alternative storage options, these trays will make home decorating so much fun. We not only offer our customers original vintage furniture, but more, we can give them a piece of history. It's no secret that as we become more and more digitized in the 21st century, we are becoming less reliant on print, so these printing trays are a symbol of the past and can tell a story...if you listen hard enough. And let's be honest, wall decor can be super expensive, so this is not only a creative way to decorate your walls, but more, they are affordable wall decoration ideas. vintage printing type tray We've seen so many creative ways to decorate with printing trays that we wanted share some of our favourites from across the web. It's worth pointing out that no matter whether your interior style is modern, contemporary, rustic, shabby chic decor, vintage, minimalist or eclectic, you will find these printing drawers will work because they can be simply stated alone or used as a collection for a more adorned look. This vintage printing tray has been used as a lovely jewellery storage organizer. This would be wonderful in a shop as a jewellery display: 9cc79cfd155dafb5a222a2632cac0134 If your kids are anything like ours, then you'll have large collections of tiny toys or figurines (that might drive you mad?!). The benefit of putting the said collections in our vintage printers type trays is that your kids can see them at all time and maybe, just maybe won't need to pull them out and spread them across the floors. Maybe. c9d77308815cedd66531f5ff25da535c This is a brilliant sewing room solution to keep bobbins organized and your room clear of clutter and it looks like wall decoration, right?! 4c1998679daf15ff2df8a8ad7788020e See our full range of vintage furniture here.
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