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Decorate with Vintage Crates | by Scaramanga

Decorate with Vintage Crates | by Scaramanga

Nothing makes seasonal decorating easier than vintage wooden crates. In fact, decorating in general is easy with vintage crates. They make excellent storage, shelves, side tables, center pieces or so much more. We have a wide range of wooden crates that we've sourced from UK apple producers to India's tea merchants and even America's top soda bottling company. You're guaranteed to find original and unique vintage wooden crates by shopping our selection. We love autumn decorating, the colours and textures of autumn are what we wait all year for. We added our chalk paint white pumpkins and colourful squash to our wooden storage boxes. This autumn vignette would be lovely on a front porch, in front of a fire place or a smaller version would make a lovely centerpiece. vintage wooden crates If you're having an autumn themed party, imagine all your food and booze displayed on this decorated table. Our vintage soda crates come in a variety of colours and each has their own lovely shabby chic style appeal. We've included our vintage lassi glasses vintage wooden crates old pepsi crate If you're planning an outdoor autumn gathering, then consider using our storage boxes with cozy blankets and vintage storm lamp to keep your guest warm. vintage wooden crates Our authentic cola crates are from a bottling company in America and we think there is nothing more iconic than Pepsi or Coca Cola crates, especially if you have a vintage or shabby chic interior style. vintage wooden crate vintage wooden crates vintage cola crates Need a new place for your succulent collection? Use an old bottle crate for a unique interior look. vintage soda crate Our wooden vintage crates are incredibly multi functional, stack a few up and you have yourself a a creative (and affordable!) side table book shelf. vintage style decor Our old apple crates are great to use as unique shelving because they are really light weight, so you won't need to anchor anything heavy in. You can put all your collections of bottles, plants or even book in them. vintage apple crates Shop our unique collection of vintage bottle crates today and get creative this weekend! vintage soda crate vintage coca cola crates Save Save
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