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Cool Retro Environmental Shopping Bags With A Message

Cool Retro Environmental Shopping Bags With A Message

Of all the environmental issues, recycling and biodegrading are near the top of the list – whether it’s making the effort to take your glassware to the local bank or choosing to buy products which minimise your ecological impact, waste has become the top of everyones agenda.
Plastic bags, the bane of the environmentalists life, continue to cause endless problems. More than 500 billion are used every year, and each one takes up to one thousand years to decompose, causing lifetimes of devastation to our land, oceans and creatures. Both governments and retailers are starting to wise up, however, and the city of LA recently voted to ban plastic bags completely, while many UK retailers now charge between one and five pence per bag issued.
Which leaves us with the question – what’s the alternative?
Cotton totes and reinforced, recyclable plastic bags are all on offer, and while they’re a good idea in theory, they often don’t stand the whether you’re looking for a casual bag to take to the beach, or something with a bit of strength to carry those cans of beans, a canvas shopping bag from Scaramanga is the ideal choice. Manufactured from strong fabric, available in two handle lengths, and decorated with fabulous pop-art style images, our canvas bags will keep your belongings safe and sound – all while easing the pressure on the environment. They really quite kitsch shopping bags.
Students can often be seen struggling to the bus or car with bags stuffed with textbooks and notepads, seams bursting – whether you’re studying for GCSEs or a Masters degree, the Che canvas bag, £4.50, is the ideal solution to your problems. Our canvas bags boast large 40 x 38 x 18cm standard dimensions, the perfect size to fit in both your ring-binders and study guides, and this particular design offers the choice of long or short handles. Featuring a print of the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara, this canvas bag stays on trend with bright colours and a vivid graphic design, both of which are high in popularity at the moment.
Most carrier bags are acquired in the supermarket – an average weekly shop can use up to ten plastic bags, so why not reduce your environmental impact, and opt instead for one of our bags, such as the T-Rex canvas bag, £4.50. The strong fabric is ideal for carrying heavier, bulkier loads, and the short handles make carrying it to the car a whole lot easier. Our bags, unlike many reusable carriers, boast a flat base, which makes them perfect for standing tins and bottles upright.
The recent bout of beautiful sunny weather has served as a fabulous reminder that Britain does actually have some pretty good beaches – and what better to carry your swimming costume in than the Scaramanga Glorious Goa canvas bag, £4.50 The colourful print makes it the ideal choice for a fun day out, while the large size means you’ll be able to squeeze in everything from your beach towel to your paperback. The long handles, perfect for slinging over your shoulder, will keep your canvas bag in place while you trek across the dunes to find the perfect sandy spot.
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