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Classic Simplicity With A Handmade Leather Journal Or Fabric Notebook

Classic Simplicity With A Handmade Leather Journal Or Fabric Notebook

In the age of modern technology, of bleeping reminders, e-mailed memos and electronic musings, it’s all too easy to forget that sometimes, the old fashioned way is simply just a little bit nicer. Whether you’re a list-maker, a scrapbook-constructor, or simply someone who likes to note things down for future reference, abandoning the electronic in favour of a leather notebook or handmade journal can be a welcome return to simplicity.
Scaramanga currently stock three types of journal, for all of your writing and sketching needs: leather bound, sari and fabric, all of which are available in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. Working mothers usually find themselves constantly making endless lists, from the weekly dinner menu to current projects, right down to simple reminders to re-stock the teabags – just the sort of job perfectly suited to the small vintage brown leather journal, £8.50, or the small leather wrap journal, £6.50. The size of a small purse, both of these are miniature enough to squeeze into an already bulging bag, but large enough to manage to accommodate even the longest list. For the more artistic, or for those who simply like to keep a visual record of the world around them, a larger notebook is a fantastic solution, such as the extra large antique leather sketchbook, £49 – they measure up at an impressive 38cm x 22 x 3, and contain seventy pages of heavyweight paper, hand-bound within reclaimed leather covers.
For something a little different, either as a gift or a way of brightening up your home, what could be better than one of our wonderful silky sari notebooks – each one contains handmade paper and can be found in a variety of bright jewel colours. The sari travel notebook, £6.50, will make you want to throw everything in a backpack, and make endless entries about far away places and spaces, while the large sari notebook, £10, will inspire you to keep a proper daily journal – something that a mass-produced spiral bound jotter will never quite manage. Finally, as a place to jot down sudden thoughts, or telephone numbers, the mini silky sari notebook, £1.25, couldn’t be more perfect – no bigger than a credit card, it will squeeze into the smallest of pockets and still be ready for action.
Mini Leather & Mini Sari Journals £2 and £1.25
If funky prints are more your thing, opt for one of our limited edition fabric journals. Like both the sari and leather ranges, the fabric journals are all hand-bound, but with a little more exclusivity – we only stock fifty of each style, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. If you’re a fan of all things vintage, the large retro red journal, £7.50, will suit you down to the ground; forty pages of paper made from recycled cotton make them the perfect ethical option too. Alternatively, our new cornflower print, available in two sizes, make perfect photograph albums or memory books – the cool blue large journal, £11, and the cool blue travel journal, £7.50, both have a protective flap, and have been bound using traditional handmade skills.
So whether you’re an artist or a writer, a traveller or a mother, Scaramanga has a notebook or journal perfect for you – so ditch the technology for a while and remember that the pen is mightier than the e-mail!
Large 120 Page Leather Journal £25
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