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Classic Leather Satchels & Bags – The Perfect Affordable University or College Accessory

Classic Leather Satchels & Bags – The Perfect Affordable University or College Accessory

scaramanga-leather-satchels-21Despite the fact that your university years are the perfect opportunity to really find out who you are and embrace your true self, a lot rides on making a good first impression. Ideally this would involve arriving on a unicorn, but since that’s out of the question you’ll have to get by on your charm and wit. However, it doesn’t hurt to look awesome at the same time, and as everyone knows, a good outfit is nothing without excellent accessories. One of the downsides of leaving home to further your education is that space is often limited, both in the carrying capacity of your mode of transportation on the way there and in your new home once you arrive. This means that regardless of how extensive your collection of bags may be, you’re only going to be able to take a selection. But fear not! You don’t have to choose between practicality and affordability and looking good! Bags do exist which offer the perfect combination of the two, like Scaramanga’s entire range of beautiful vintage leather satchels and leather messenger bags.
Made with high quality vintage style leather, these bags are the ultimate university accessory because you’ll find them accompanying you everywhere (except possibly the dancefloor). The majority are large enough for a laptop or A4 folder, and many can accommodate even the largest of textbooks without you having to worry about the strap breaking as you’re running to make your first lecture following a ‘social’ the night before - the leather straps are broad and super sturdy.
Scaramanga's Medium Leather Overlander
For those students lucky enough to own an iPad, there’s even a bag perfect for you in the form of the mini solo leather messenger bag, which is a very affordable £37.50. Whether or not your fellow students will be more envious of your gadget or its carrier remains to be seen, although the latter will definitely be more unique; the distressed leather of Scaramanga’s vintage bags makes every one different.
You don’t even have to worry about one of these bags doing serious damage to your student loan either, as most retail at around £35-£80. As they’re so well built and made with quality leather, they’re also an investment - it makes more fiscal sense to buy one Scaramanga bag than ten cheap ones which only last a month. You’ll learn that in Economics 101.
Leather Satchel 16 Inch
Looking for a simple mid-sized satchel for A4 documets / books or a 15 inch laptop try our medium wide leather satchel for girls, boy's version (also available with an option front pocket and handle). Scaramanga recommend their Overlanders for students looking for a spacious leather satchel with lots of pockets and compartments. Smaller options include our small wide satchel. They'll fit A4 douments and a few smaller books.
And don’t forget, Scaramanga also offer an extensive range of leather journals, pencil cases and purses, so you needn’t spend hours trawling shops in order to kit yourself out for the new year. Especially when you should be spending those hours doing important pre-term reading (not really, everyone knows the only courses which matter in first year are Having Fun and Meeting Excellent New People).
Large Vintage Flight Bag £77.50
So whether you’re heading into the home stretch of your university years, or you’re about to embark on your very first foray into higher education, make sure you pay Scaramanga a visit first or give us a call and we'll happily discuss the options with you.
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