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Christie Tyler X Scaramanga Black Leather Backpack

Christie Tyler X Scaramanga Black Leather Backpack

Christie Tyler modelled Scaramanga's AW15 Black Leather Backpack and we're in love! The gorgeous Christie makes us want to live in a forever summer dream with photos of her and our New Black Leather Mini Boho Backpack. This leather backpack is the most popular out of the entire collection, so much so, that we had to place another order just after a couple of weeks! It's the perfect leather bag for any day out, whether you're trekking through the city or find yourself in magical fields like Christie. This little bag can hold everything you need. Mini backpacks are so on trend at the moment, but the best part? It's incredibly practical because, worn on both shoulders, your hands are completely free to hold your phone and coffee at all times. Or you know, other things. But what else is there, really? Our black Hunter leather is not just any black leather. Did you know that it's our original colour? It took a while to get a black leather for our bags that was 'us', as in, it had to equal our brown Hunter leather and have our signature look. It had to be original, vintage inspired, authentically distressed, eco friendly, long lasting and a hearty leather that ages beautifully. And guess what?? It's all those things and more. The black is more of a unique charcoal colour so you can get yourself something really special, you deserve it! Enjoy these beautiful photos of our black leather backpack and make sure to check out her pages of inspiring, creative and warm photos here. DSC_0246 DSC_0237 DSC_0232 DSC_0235 DSC_0236 DSC_0254 DSC_0264
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