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Children's Toy Storage: from pirate treasure chests to toy chests to apple crates

Children's Toy Storage: from pirate treasure chests to toy chests to apple crates

childrens bedrooms Kids rooms are bound to be eclectic in nature as they play with different types and styles of toys and games. So why not mix in authentic vintage and retro storage? It's unique, practical and affordable. The trick is to store children's favourite toys while keeping them accessible. I hear you say: .That's easier said than done!'. So we're going to give you some helpful tips and recommendations. Our unique storage will cost not much more than you buy on the high street, they'll be unique and will have a colourful story and history of their own.
Antique toy chest £425 Antique toy chest £425
We will start with a classic wooden toy chest. A simple pine or teak chest with a large main compartment will allow toys to be stored out of sight, but easily accessible. An old chest could also double as a coffee table in a livingroom or lounge. Some old chests have side compartment's or organised storage areas for toys and other items like pens, pencils, paints and paper. You loose some space by having compartments but at least you will not have empty the entire chest to find a small toy that's slipped to the bottom! Of course an old toy chest can be used for storing blankets and bed linen or as a memory chest when children grow up. There's something personal remembering that the old chest in the living room was once used to store your child's favourite toys.
1890s leather travel trunk makes an authentic pirate's treasure chest 1890s leather travel trunk makes an authentic pirate's treasure chest
If you are looking for pirate treasure chests we have a range of authentic antique treasure boxes that would have been used as money and cash boxes by merchant's in India. Shekhawati boxes have wonderfully carved exteriors and are often decorated with brass and iron. Some of our treasure boxes have hidden and secret compartments for those really secret possessions kids want to hide. Antique Victorian travel trunks with their distinctive domed tops, wooden runners, leather and brass finishes look like something captain Jack Sparrow woud sail round the world looking for! They will hold lots toys and many have a removable tray so their favourite toys can be easily found.
Vintage solid teak drawers with handles Vintage solid teak drawers with handles
Of course you may not have the space for a big wooden toy box and may want to keep toys organised on top of existing storage such as shelving, a chest of drawers or a desk. Try these solid teak vintage desk drawers. They come in two size with either 4 or 6 compartments. They are very sturdy and we have added an extra handle for easy carrying. They are ideal for collections. Josh uses his for his vintage Star Wars figures. They are stored under his bed ready for their next intergalactic battle.
Vintage laundry basket dressing up box Vintage laundry basket dressing up box
Vintage wicker trunks make an alternative to a solid wooden storage chest. They are light weight so can be easily moved. Originally they were used as laundry baskets to transport laundry between large houses, hotels and schools and commercial laundries. Vintage laundry baskets make perfect dressing up chests too. Josh and Ella use an old laundry basket as a dressing up box. Soda crates Coca Cola Pepsi Vintage soda crates, with their vivid colours and bold pop art lettering, a nod to their industrial heritage, work well as small storage boxes for toys and books. They come with open or with compartments that could be used for pens and paint brushes. They work well on shelves, under beds, on top of tables and above wardrobes. Starting at a very affordable £30 several different brands could be bought and lined up giving a wonderful flashes of bright colours. We stock Coca Cola crates, Pepsi crates and Indian soda brands Citra and Mahindra Cola.
Vintage Citra crate with wooden sections Vintage Citra crate with wooden sections
vintage travel trunk While not technically a toy box metal vintage trunks could be used for storing toys. They are super strong and would fit under most beds and shelving (it's worth checking sizes). Sizes vary from small to huge. They have handles for easy handling and most lock securely. A vintage travel trunk could double as a storage chest and a living room coffee table. Three mid-sized colourful trunks could be stacked on top of each other to make a bed-side table or lounge side table. So they could be used for toys and as a handy drinks table.
Wooden Apple Crate with castors for moving them around rooms and from under beds Wooden Apple Crate with castors for moving them around rooms and from under beds
Vintage apple crates are almost as utilitarian as you can get. With their rustic agricultural look they are perfect for being used for piles of toys. These crates were used to transport apples from growers across Europe to distributors in Kent. Available in sets of three for £85. They are flexible enough to be used elsewhere around the house. We have some smaller ones available with their original farm writing on their sides going back to 1964. Simple strong wooden storage boxes that have an authentic rustic look, may work to add a little neutral colour to a room full of colourful toys and games.
Industrial wooden storage boxes Industrial wooden storage boxes
Vintage suitcases can also be used for toy storage and will generally fit under most beds for space saving. like our vintage metal trunks they'll have handles and are very light-weight and can be stacked to make side-tables or a bed side table. Prices start at less than, £30.
Stack of vintage suitcases Stack of vintage suitcases
Of course vintage boxes, trunks and suitcases are genuine vintage pieces of furniture and started out their lives using used for completely different things. Not all will be totally suitable for kids toy storage. If you are looking for a toy chest or a treasure chest or pirate chest for a very young child we would recommend fitting door stays so the lid can be propped open and close with bang shut on fingers. If you are looking for a particular box or chest please call us and we'll be happy to recommend.
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