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Painted Furniture | by Scaramanga

Painted Furniture | by Scaramanga

Scaramanga sources a lot of of painted furniture, including wardrobes, cabinets and cupboards from Jodhpur, known to some as The Blue City. What makes our painted furniture unique is that it has it's original paint! If you've been fortunate enough to visit this gorgeous city, you've noticed it's completely laced in beautiful vivid colours, particularly blue. Alongside it's beauty, it is also one of the best places in India to buy vintage furniture. So when we take one of our annual buying trips, we always stock up wonderful old blue furniture from Jodhpur, but why is the city covered blue? Why is the old furniture blue? Traveling away from the newer parts of the city, you'll see an array of homes covered completely in blue, this part of the old city was founded in 1459. There are two schools of thought when it comes to The Blue City, some suggest that the city's founder wanted the city covered in blue because it was associated with the highest caste of peoples in India, the Brahamins. So you'll often hear this particularly vibrant blue referred to as Brahamin blue in India. Apparently he wanted his city to be viewed as virtuous. However, others' in India suggest the houses and furniture were originally painted blue in Jodhpur because of termites, yes termites. These critters chewed their way through so many dwellings that the city put out an ordnance demanding all whitewash must include chemicals that repelled termites and of the chemicals used was copper sulfate, which yes you guessed it, is blue! Whether it was copper sulfate to eradicate termites or natural indigo to symbolise a wealthy and virtuous city, it's a gorgeous blue that is highly sought after when it comes to our original painted furniture. Adding a blue cabinet, an old blue chest, or a vintage blue mirror to your home brings with it a coolness, but because all our vintage furniture is original and old, it brings a warm nostalgia as well. A lot of our vintage furniture would complement a shabby chic decor, industrial style, vintage style or even a contemporary or more modern style. Our vintage cabinets & cupboards for example come in all shapes and sizes, so whether your filling a wall or just need something small, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for. scaramanga blue vintage furniture If you've got the space there is nothing better than a vintage storage wardrobe, it's a real statement piece that would look amazing in a bedroom, lounge or even kitchen. Not only are our cupboards and cabinets stunning, but they are incredibly practical, they can hold all those things you don't always want out. vintage blue wardrobe art deco cupboard from Scaramanga's vintage furniture collection This blue shabby chic cabinet would be a great addition to any home, the height makes it that perfect cabinet that sits well next to your door, you know the one...where you can drop your keys. The glass panels make it a lovely display cabinet, so if you've got a collection of curious or books, they would lovely inside this shabby chic style cabinet. blue shabby chic cabinet from Scaramanga's vintage furniture collection This wood cabinet is stunning, if you have a higher than normal bed, it would be an amazing bedside table in your bedroom. It has a particularly vibrant shade of blue, a glass display door and an elegant brass latch that complements the blue very well. wood cabinet from Scaramanga's vintage furniture collection From large pieces of furniture to smaller interiors and decorations we have it in blue! Old vintage lantern, wooden picture frames, little wooden boxes and more. Shop our blue vintage furniture collection. vintage furniture uk We have a lovely collection of wooden mirrors that would be a lovely addition to any home, any room really. Our mirrors come in a variety of sizes and one looks great on it's own, but a few would make a great statement wall. Most of our vintage mirrors are upcycled from reclaimed wood, so you know you're getting something really unique, as each is one of a kind. wooden mirrors from Scaramanga's vintage furniture collection blue leaning mirror from Scaramanga's vintage furniture collection For those who like things a bit more non-traditional then consider one of our antique blue temple cabinets. These were originally used in India's as temples in the home or even businesses. The ornate detail gives it an exotic look, but the antique blue gives it a really shabby chic look, a really interesting combination. This would make a great addition to your vintage style kitchen! antique blue temple cabinet from Scaramanga's vintage furniture collection blue vintage wardrobe from Scaramanga's vintage furniture collection These are a really special addition to any wall, they are vintage horse heads that were once used to flank a doorway in India. They can be used as that or used on any wall to add a bit of vintage style. vintage wall decor Have you visited Jodhpur, India? We'd love to hear your stories of the Blue City. blue shabby chic furniture Save Save
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