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How to style your home with Biophilic Interiors

How to style your home with Biophilic Interiors

We’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature. This has undoubtedly contributed to a resurgence in incorporating natural, organic materials into our home decor. Think stoneware, wood, clay and jute and being used across the board - from backsplashes to bathtubs, furniture and decorative objects. The raw, porous and imperfect nature of these organic materials adds depth and visual intrigue to your space, all whilst mimicking the calming, restorative ambiance of the outdoors.

Infuse biophilic interiors by using indoor plants in terracotta pots and reclaimed planters
Our Biophilic interiors set is inspired by a desire to reconnect with the earth by bringing natural materials into our homes.

Biophilic Interiors - Organic Materials

We have an eclectic selection of finishing touches, with just as much rustic appeal as our big statement pieces! Not only would these accents look great in a natural home, they would also perfectly complement an organic garden space! These handmade terracotta pots are the perfect place to house your collection of seedlings and tiny succulents! Handmade and rustic these little pots are used for drinking chai in rural Northern India. Secure one of your own today and add depth to any room with this original planter option.

position plants amongst you favourite vintage treasures
use a vintage cabinet or display case to display indoor plants

Sustainable Statement Storage

One of our most unique and eye-catching vintage finds in our new interiors collection is this ornately decorated Vintage Industrial Sideboard. With its outstanding craftsmanship and gorgeous colour, this impressive organic piece of hand-restored history has travelled through time! Composed of original teak hardwood, this is a storage cabinet that will add depth, warmth and character to your space and, most importantly, never go out of style. The longevity of our pieces is so important to us (it's why we ensure each piece is expertly hand-restored to the highest standard!), so rest assured this statement piece will go the distance with many decades of life having been injected back into it!

This impressive colourful vintage sideboard would look gorgeous in any home.

Another just launched, one-of-a-kind storage option is our Large Wooden White Pitari Chest. The organic, shabby chic charm of this functional piece will add a splash of the rustic to any space. We love the way the original heavy teak wood and metal trimmings are exposed by the distressed paint covering. The natural and gentle ageing of time-worn pieces such as this Pitari chest evokes the concept of nature reclaiming earthly materials. The traditional restoration undertaken by our craftsmen has frozen the ageing of this historic piece in time; providing us with a snapshot of the rich life of the chest. Effortlessly add character and functionality to your home with this fine example of organic, shabby chic mastery.

original Indian pitari chest painted white with antique padlock
The shabby chic charm of our Large Wooden White Pitari Chest will add a splash of rustic originality to any space.

Original Architectural Salvage

Some of our most intriguing organic pieces can be found within our architectural salvage collection, recently updated with brand new arrivals for Summer 2022! Why not consider this gorgeous set of old colourful Brown and Yellow Antique Doors? Their natural wooden composition will add a hint of the organic to your patio or living room.

antique garden doors
Make a statement with in your home or garden with these salvaged Brown and Yellow Double Doors.

For an even more colourful option, we recommend our Vintage Carriage Shuttered Window. Ethically sourced from Rajasthan, these wonderfully pre-loved windows have been salvaged from an abandoned railway carriage. The gently aged surface and distressed original paint will immediately add organic, shabby chic charm to any room in your home.

Create a window with brightly painted shutters
Add a splash of colour to your interiors with this sustainable salvaged Vintage Carriage Shuttered Window.

Handmade Terracotta Pots

Create a striking feature with height using one of our handmade decorative Iron Pot Display Stands, complete with 9 mini terracotta pots. This stand can be hung or placed on a flat surface and is perfect for cacti, succulents and other small house plants. Not only would this piece provide a natural nod to the organic within your home, it would also add depth to your abundant greenhouse or make a striking table centre piece when dining al fresco!

Creative biophilic interiors with natural plant pots and succulents
Why not use our Iron Pot Display Stand as a charming table centre piece when dining al fresco?

Reconnect with the natural world from the comfort of home with organic interiors from Scaramanga. Our carefully curated collections make it easy for you to incorporate sustainable, handmade and vintage pieces into your interior landscape. You can embrace rustic living with our just launched Original Organic collection, but why stop there? Our warehouse is bursting with unique finds!

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