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Behind the Scenes at Scaramanga

Behind the Scenes at Scaramanga

Let's meet the team behind the scenes of Scaramanga.

Find out what it is really like working at one of the best vintage retailers in the UK. We caught up with our operations manager, Georgia, and discover what a day behind the scenes of Scaramanga is like for her.
behind the scenes - Georgia
Name: Georgia Porteous
Age: 26
Job Title: Operations Manager
How did you come to work at Scaramanga?: I actually had a short work placement at Scaramanga whilst I was at college! I then started a role as a Retail Assistant around 6 months later, then was promoted to Buying Manager after 18 months. Another 18 months after that, I was promoted to Operations Manager, and I've been in that role for the last three years.
What is your favourite part of your job?: I love how varied my role is, no two days are ever the same. I also like that, as we're such a small team, we all help each other out so no one is ever left struggling with their workload.
What is a day in the life like for you at Scaramanga?: My role is so varied that my days often reflect this! Sometimes I'm managing a delivery of furniture stock in a 20ft container, other days I'm working on designing and overseeing production of our latest range of leather goods, all whilst helping with lots of other queries and tasks in between.
What keeps you motivated?: I genuinely love the company and what it stands for. I'm a supporter of sustainability and ethical trading, and it motivates me that Scaramanga and I have these values in common.
What do you love about the brand?: I love that we have been working with the same suppliers in India for over a decade. We have always traded fairly with our suppliers, which ensures that we are paying a fair price for thevintage Indian furniture and quality leather goods that we sell. This also ensures that we're providing our customers with a high-quality product that will last a lifetime, which is very important to us.
What is your fav bag or accessory?: The Gemini is my go-to bag for a weekend walk or pub lunch! Thecrossbody strap means that I can walk a dog in each hand without worrying about my bag getting in the way and it's the perfect size: big enough to fit my essentials but small enough that it's not too bulky.
behind the scenes - Georgias Fav Bag the Gemini
Your favourite type of furniture we source?: Our wall cabinets, sometimes the little compartments that they have are so clever and they're much more interesting than your basic bathroom or kitchen wall cabinet!
Behind the Scenes - Georgias fav interiors are the vintage wall cabinets
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