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Scaramanga Trading LtdScaramanga Trading Ltd
Behind the Brand - Get to know the people behind Scaramanga

Behind the Brand - Get to know the people behind Scaramanga

Meet the team - Kelly our whoelesale manager Behind the Brand – Let’s get to know the people who work behind the scenes to make Scaramanga run smoothly. Find out what a day in the life is like in one of the UK’s best vintage retailers. Next in our series we have wholesale manager, Kelly. Let's find out what she gets up to in a day at Scaramanga. Name: Kelly Stuart Age: 😉 (Never ask a lady her age) Job Title: Wholesale Manager How did you come to work at Scaramanga?: Pot luck! A change of location forced a change of job and I was fortunate to find Scaramanga at the right time! What is your favourite part of your job?: I love helping our lovely customers! It makes my day when I hear that a customer is happy with the service we give and products we supply. What is a day in the life like for you at Scaramanga?: My day is quite varied; I deal with all aspects of customer service as well as trade/stockist requests. One minute I can be packing a wholesale order, the next answering a live chat or email enquiry. What keeps you motivated?: The team, we all work well together and know how to bring out the best in each other. What do you love about the brand?: I love the diversity of products we offer and that everything is sustainably sourced. What is your fav bag or accessory?: My personal favourite is my weekender bag, it's my go to travel bag and is by my side through all my adventures. leather weekender bag Your favourite type of furniture we source?: I love industrial themed items and the up-cycled mirror is my current favourite. upcycled mirror
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