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Beautiful Teak...

Beautiful Teak...

Teak Trees
OK, OK, so we've got a bit of a thing about teak... What will soon become apparent is our love of teak. A huge amount of our antique, vintage and retro furniture pieces have been hand crafted from teak. There are two reasons for this. The first is function. Teak is famed for its durability and resistance. It has these properties due to the extremely challenging conditions in which it grows; it must drive its roots often through solid rock on the side of mountains in order to reach the water it needs to survive. It is also termite and pest resistant. The second is the true beauty of the wood. With its light yellowish-brown colour and distinctive texture, it is one of the best looking tropical hardwoods. Of course there are others that are equally as suitable for furniture: rosewood, satinwood, mango wood, neem wood. But we just love teak.
A Scaramanga Teak Chest
As well as being a great looking wood in its own right, another aesthetic benefit of teak is that in terms of colour, it goes with just about everything. It can be very hard when designing your home's interior to perfectly colour match between different pieces of furniture and fittings, but teak is, without doubt, an adaptable wood. It compliments most other colours and textures and works well both in a clean, contemporary home or a traditional older home full of character. Impressively, it is not uncommon for a piece of teak furniture to last for up to seventy years standing out in the elements, and in fact it is so lasting that it is also common for pieces to be passed down through generations. Such good looks and hardwearing properties make teak the perfect wood for old furniture. You can rest assured that a vintage or retro piece of teak furniture will last you many more years, and will always be easy to look after and admired. Scaramanga stock a range of authentic old, vintage and antique teak furniture and home accessories. All of our teak furniture including our extensive range of antique and old wooden chests and trunks were made from wood harvested from old teak trees in the late 1800s and early 1900 during the British colonial era. Most of our teak chests and trunks have been constructed from single pieces of teak. Today such teak is rare. The felling of rare old-growth teak is now illegal in counties such as Burma, India and Indonesia, so you can rest assured that you really are getting an increasingly rare item when you buy a piece of teak furniture. Aside from our own old teak furniture, which can be viewed and bought online at or in our store, here are a few other teak furniture stockists: Thai Teak Just Think Thai Teak
A Teak Tree Trunk
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