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Beautiful Old and Vintage Wooden Jewellery Boxes

Beautiful Old and Vintage Wooden Jewellery Boxes

For centuries, people have used boxes and baskets to store their belongings, from writing boxes during the Victorian era to funky 1970’s metal tins for keeping tobacco fresh. These days, the most common type of small storage is the humble jewellery box; a place to keep the most precious and treasured items safe, somewhere to squirrel away your most cherished objects. They can be found anywhere; from a department store to a professional jewellers, online shops to the accessories section of a clothes shop – but for something a little more eco-friendly, and with a lot more character, try an antique wooden box from Scaramanga to keep your possessions perfect.
Modern storage boxes are often made from new-fangled woods such as plywood and MDF, and then decorated to either look sleek and shiny, or antique and aged, depending on the preference of the retailer. Mass produced, and manufactured with no ethical priorities, they rarely last and contribute to deforestation throughout the world – choosing to use one of Scaramanga’s sympathetically restored old wooden jewellery boxes not only helps to keep your treasures safe, it also keeps your ethical conscience clear.
Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, Scaramanga’s old and antique wooden chests are the perfect place to keep your jewellery and accessories; originally used as places to keep valuables belonging to merchants, or as stationary boxes, each one is entirely unique. Made up of both small and large sections, hidden compartments and secret trays, they vary in size from those at the smaller end of the scale, such as the Brass Bound Box, £35 which measures W34cmxD20xH17. Small, but perfectly formed, it would be an ideal storage solution for those with delicate jewellery, or even for a cufflink holder.
For a more mid-range option, the Old Treasure Chest, £140 measures W46cmxD28xH18, and as well as being a larger size, also boasts more compartments and various letter racks than it’s smaller counterparts.
At the top end of the scale is the larger Old Wedding Chest, £205, W60cmxD32xH42. The premier of jewellery boxes, this teak trunk is full of decorative carvings and finishings, and also comes complete with a small mirror – ideal for those who are keen on accessorising and looking their best.
Each box is an antique, and is aged between seventy and a hundred years old – which means owning one is like owning a small piece of history. Ink marks, stains and small scratches only add to the individual character of the item, and many have decorative carvings both inside and on the lids and side panels. So much more than ‘just a box’, these wonderful pieces add a vintage touch to any bedroom or lounge, and make a real focal and talking point. Old brass padlocks of varying sizes are also available to complete the look.
Old Jewellery Box By Scaramanga £140
Scaramanga Old Wooden Box
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