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Back to Uni 2016 | by Scaramanga

Back to Uni 2016 | by Scaramanga

Back to Uni season is upon us, so whether you're heading back or attending university for the first time, we've got everything you'll need from leather bags to dorm room decor. Our bags range in styles, so you can get a laptop bag, backpack or leather satchel to lug around your books and laptop. Additionally, we're a one stop shop this back to uni season, because we have affordable vintage furniture to decorate your student flat. We know what it's like to be a student here at Scaramanga, so we value what matters in a university bag. All our bags are comfortable, practical, made to last and best yet, very affordable. We have some of the best backpacks, so we'll start with those. Here is our newest leather rucksack, it's our leather and canvas rucksack. Why is this a good a university bag? It will fit up to a 15" laptop, books, lunch, and more. It comfortably sits on your back and has the convenience of latch buckles, so it's a no fuss backpack. Best of all, it's made of waterproof canvas, so if you get caught in the rain, your laptop and books will remain dry as a bone. You can get our leather and canvas rucksack here: canvas and leather rucksack for men leather and canvas rucksack leather and canvas rucksack Next, we have a great black rucksack that is unisex and very affordable. This black backpack will last for years to come and will only get softer with time and age. You can get this awesome backpack today and have it in just a couple days! black leather rucksack black leather rucksack black leather rucksack Our leather backpack also comes in our Original Hunter leather, which is our sturdy distressed leather. This backpack will soften with time and age. The best thing about our leather backpacks is that you can carry your books and laptop with you to class, then use it for your exciting weekends away - after study, of course. leather rucksack leather rucksack leather rucksack If you prefer a cross body bag, we've got a large selection of those as well. Our range of leather satchels is well suited for men and women attending university. Our original leather satchel comes in different sizes, but our most popular size will easily carry a 15" laptop, books and lunch and will sit comfortably on your shoulder or across your body. vintage leather satchel for women You can get our classic satchel in black as well. Our black satchel has a modern look, but it's complemented with the classic look of an old school satchel. black leather satchel For a bigger university bag, why not consider our canvas and leather laptop bag. It is the perfect combination of a smart look that is made a bit more relaxed with the addition of the canvas. It will easily and comfortably hold up to a 15" laptop, multiple folders, documents and books. This is a great bag for those who want to take their weekday bag to the weekends because this smart laptop bag can also be used as a weekender bag. leather and canvas briefcase leather and canvas laptop bag leather and canvas laptop bag Or for something a bit more sleek, our leather laptop bag is just the ticket. It is made from our durable Hunter leather that is nicely distressed, weatherproof and padded, so you can safely keep your laptop inside. This laptop bag the bonus of having two durable handles, so no matter the weight is of what your carrying, it can handle the load. Additionally, it has a long detachable strap, so you can comfortably carry it cross body while your commuting. laptop bag leather laptop bag leather laptop bag After you've shopped for your new university bag, you'll want to visit our vintage furniture because we have unique and affordable antique furniture to decorate your dorm room or student flat. Select from our range of picture frames, storage crates, single bedcovers, shelves and more. Our vintage postcards and posters will add colour and something unique to your dorm room as well. dorm room decor dorm room decor dorm room essentials
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