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Back To School: We Ask A Scaramanga Leather School Satchel Owner A Few Questions

Back To School: We Ask A Scaramanga Leather School Satchel Owner A Few Questions

Sarah With Her Leasther Satchel

At this time of year we get a lot of calls and e-mails from people asking for our recommendations for new school bags. Of course our leather school satchels always come top on our list of suggested bags. But you cannot beat a review and feedback from someone who is using one of our leather satchels as a school bag. So we thought we would ask Sarah for her thoughts. Q. What's your name and how old are you? A. My name is Sarah and I am 15. Q. Where do you live and go to school? A. I live in a small village in north east Fife, Scotland and go to school in Cupar. Q. Which Scaramanga satchel do you have and how long have you had it? A. 13 inch tan leather satchel with a pocket on the front, which I have had for just over a year. Q. Why did you choose this satchel and not a smaller or larger one? A. I choose this satchel because it is just slightly larger than A4 and is perfect for fitting my school folders and books in. Q. What do you use your leather satchel for? A. I use my satchel for school but also out with school, on weekends, going swimming, going out shopping, just everday use. Q. What do you usually put in your Scaramanga satchel? A. On an ordinary school day it will carry, about two or three folders (not ringbinders), along with a textbook, reading book, pencil case, hairbrush, purse, keys and water bottle. Q. How has it stood up to the rigours of school over the last 12 months? A. It has stood up to being used almost everyday at school really well and is certainly still fit for use and I am sure will last for years ahead. I think its looks better now, with the leather a bit softer. Q. How long does a school bag usually last? A. A school bag bought on the high street will last 5 to 6 months, so will need replacing throughout the school year, in the past i have bought quite expensive school bags and have had to buy a new one after one term, just because they are not high quality and cannot stand up to how much bashing about a school bag gets. Q. What do you like most about your satchel? A. It is a strong leather bag, that looks good, I get asked about it a lot in and out of school. It’ll last longer, which what my mum likes about it! Q. What's the most unusual thing you have had in your satchel? A. I would say the most unusual thing I have had in my satchel is every Tuesday when I take it to athletics with my running spikes in it. Q. If you had the choice of a second Scaramanga satchel or bag which one would you go for and why? A. If I had the choice of a second Scaramanga satchel I would choose a slightly larger one, maybe with the distressed leather. As I will now have more books and school stuff to carry around.

Sarah's School Satchel After A Year
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