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Antique Wooden Boxes - The Scaramanga Top Five

Antique Wooden Boxes - The Scaramanga Top Five

Old Wooden Desk, £90
Here at Scaramanga, we love our antique furniture for many different reasons; the history attached to each item, the beautiful handcarved solid wood and the quirky details that come with buying vintage pieces. One of our most popular antique items is the wooden chest or trunk; available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, we like to think there’s something for everyone – so we’ve put together a list of our five favourites, which show just how diverse a wooden box can be.
Old Jewellery Chest, £130
Old Jewellery Chest, £130.00

While a lot of our wooden chests, trunks and boxes are plain and understated, there are several that have a little extra something on the outside, and our old jewellery chest, £130 is a great example. Handmade from teak, this beautiful little box features brass handcrafted in-laid motifs on both the top and front panels, and handy brass handles on the sides. Originally used as a box to keep cash, valuables and paperwork safe, the hinged lid lifts up to reveal a double-tier interior; the top section is made up of several small compartments and can be removed, while the bottom is one large space ideal for storing larger items.

Sliding Memory Box, £120
Sliding Memory Box, £120.00

Most of our antique wooden boxes open with a hinged lid, but there are a few that are made up of a drawer mechanism instead. The sliding memory box, £120, started life as a cash drawer belonging to a street merchant in India, but would make an excellent memory box or jewellery box to keep your treasures safe. The sliding element makes it the ideal box to keep on a shelf if space is short, and the individual internal compartments are perfect for keeping things organised.

Old Storage Box, £100

Old Storage Box, £100.00

If you’re looking for small storage with a difference, the Scaramanga old storage box, £100 is the ideal solution. Handmade, and decorated on the top and front panels with unusual geometric carvings, this beautiful chest would make an ideal feature in any bedroom or lounge; the double compartment is perfect for keeping jewellery, cufflinks or accessories safe, while the generous W44cmxD24cmXH17cm proportions mean you can fit plenty inside.

Old Wooden Desk, £90
Old Wooden Desk, £90.00

If you’re looking for somewhere to keep stationary and small office supplies, our old wooden desk, £90 is ideal for your study or home office. With short sturdy legs, it’s perfect to sit on top of your current desk or sideboard, and the two sliding drawers are the ideal size to keep your pens and pencils tidy. Originally used by Indian families to store records and important items, this beautiful desk also features metal drawer handles in an art deco style, wonderful curved edges and carved feet.

Large Vintage Travel Trunk, £275

Large Vintage Travel Trunk, £275.00

Ideal for anyone who likes their antiques with a visible history, the Scaramanga large vintage travel trunk, £275 is covered with various travel stickers and stamps, which add to the unique vintage style. Measuring a large W78cmxD54cmxH36cm, the trunk could easily double as storage and a small coffee table or bedside table; the hinged lid lifts up to reveal a single space large enough to store anything from a few books to small blankets.

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