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Another Starring Role - Scaramanga Vintage Trunks in 'Legend of Tarzan'

Another Starring Role - Scaramanga Vintage Trunks in 'Legend of Tarzan'

We've got another starring role that we are thrilled to announce: our vintage trunks will be seen in this summer's Hollywood blockbuster hit Legend of Tarzan. We supplied our black vintage trunks to a regular props buyer we work with in 2014, so we were thrilled to finally find out they are featured in the film AND in such an exciting scene! If you look closely, you can see them in the 'wildebeest stampede' here: We got a call on a Friday in June 2014 from a props buyer we know who also happened to buy one of our leather bags for Tom Cruise to use in 2014 action movie Edge of Tomorrow. He urgently needed 6 vintage trunks for this scene in which the mining camp of the Belgian villains is stampeded by wildebeest directed by Tarzan. We were inspired to create our own Legend of Tarzan vintage furniture scene. After reading about this film, we wanted to recreate a Victorian London library, one similar to that which you'll see in an introductory scene, where Tarzan 'John Clayton' (Alexander Skarsgard) sits after being away from the jungle for years. We've got a large selection of vintage furniture and interiors, so we selected our dark wooden teak furniture that best represents the Victorian Era. This era was one of real prosperity, which afforded many to travel and explore, so you'll find our look has old vintage maps, treasure chests, a vintage writing desk, vintage suitcases and vintage wooden boxes, all similar to what you would have seen in Victorian London and in John Clayton, 3rd Viscount Greystoke's library. vintage furniture set design Imagine if you will, it's late 19th century and Tarzan has been out of the jungle for years, perhaps living an aristocratic life in Victorian London. He would be sitting at his vintage desk, planning a new excursion maybe? vintage furniture set design From what we know from the film without having seen it (Legend of Tarzan UK release is July 8), we read that Tarzan is tricked into going back to Africa to do the English Parliament a favour, but it turns out he is a pawn in a plot of revenge. So he would need to pack his belongings in vintage suitcases, travel trunks and bring leather journal for capturing his new adventures. wooden chests and vintage suitcases vintage leather suitcases No library in the last 1900's would have been complete without wooden boxes and treasure chests and vintage trunks; a place to keep belongings, vintage maps and plans for their next adventure. Maybe even some adventures were need to kept secret in these vintage trunks, so of course they would need a old padlock, right? wooden boxes old school map and vintage furniture classic vintage interiors So as if you needed another reason to see Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie recreate Tarzan and Jane, you can also see our vintage trunks in this summer's Hollywood blockbuster film, 'Legend of Tarzan'. vintage furniture & interiors As some of you may know, this is now our fifth starring role in supplying Hollywood films with vintage props. You can see our antique padlocks in The Hobbit and Pan, as well as our travel trunks in Maleficent. We've been able to supply props to so many set designs because we always have new stock of original vintage furniture.
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