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Alternative uses for your Scaramanga leather bag: The baby bag

Alternative uses for your Scaramanga leather bag: The baby bag

Emma, Ella and their Scaramanga Vintage Flight Bag 2
The great thing about Scaramanga leather bags is not only the wide range of choice, but also the versatility, so that there really is something to suit everyone. Of course, our leather bags are great for the normal uses: school, college, work, a day-to-day bag, a laptop bag or a weekend bag. But sometimes if you think outside the box, you can find a different use for our bags that you might never have thought of, so we have been thinking of alternative ways to use your Scaramanga leather bag that you might useful! To start things off, this week I spoke to Emma Morenikeji who loves her new Scaramanga vintage Flight Bag 2 and had the idea to use it as a stylish baby bag alternative... Hannah: What made you choose a Scaramanga bag as your baby bag rather than a more traditional custom-built baby bag, or a more plain canvas bag than many others might use? Emma: I just wanted something different - a lot of baby bags are really boring and aren't stylish at all. I wanted a leather bag, but most of them seemed so expensive, most of the nice ones like the ones in John Lewis are more expensive than this one. I was glad to find this one because it was affordable and it's stylish too - you have to carry it with you all day every day so you want to have a baby bag you love. You don't want to be going out somewhere nice like a wedding or something and have to take this boring bag along with you that doesn't look nice. H: What sort of things do you carry around in it? E: On a day to day basis: nappies, baby wipes, camera, books, change mat, some toys, snacks for the kids, drinks, bottles, a first aid kit, tissues, spare baby grows and vests, sunscreen and things like my keys and purse.
Ella and the contents of mum's stylish Scaramanga baby bag!
H: Do you find it big enough to carry everything you need at once? E: Yes it's never a problem - and also the fact that the bag comes in two different sizes (the Vintage Flight Bag 2, or the Large Vintage Flight Bag) means you can pick what one suits you best, the smaller one works for me, but if you need a bit more space there's always the option with the large flight bag. H: Do you find the various front and side pockets useful? E: The inside zip is good for keys, credit cards and money. The front pocket is best for things that I might need to get a hold of quickly like my mobile, and it means I can reach it easily whilst holding the baby. H: What is your favourite thing about the bag? E: The vintage leather I LOVE! It's a really stylish bag. It seems to have evolved from the 70s flight bags and had handy pocket added. It's also a good size, and I love the canvas lining inside too because it's so easy to keep clean. The strap is also a good size - it's nice and long for putting over your body whilst still holding the baby and wide too so I know it will not dig in or slip off my shoulder. It's just a good balance of style and practicality. H: Would you use it for a purpose other than a baby bag too? E: Yes, definitely. When I go out I just take out the baby stuff and it's perfect for a day bag, a night out or for taking on a flight as hand luggage. H: Would you recommend it to other mums looking for a baby bag? E: Definitely - the leather is great, it's stylish and different but it's also practical for having babies and small children. Ella spilled some baby food on it and I was just able to wipe it off no problem. It's also really good that it comes in the two sizes, so if you need more space then just go for the bigger size.
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