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Afternoon Tea the Scaramanga Way

Afternoon Tea the Scaramanga Way

Black Tea Bags from Tea India, £3
If there’s one thing we love as much as our antique furniture and handmade satchels, it’s a good old fashioned cup of tea. There’s nothing better than breaking up a long day with a cup of the good stuff and something sweet to go with it; here at Scaramanga, we’ve got everything you could need to put on a delicious afternoon tea, from plates and bowls to the perfect retro table – so pull up a chair and grab a cup!
Vintage Tea Chest and Chai Set, £45

Vintage Tea Chest and Chai Set, £45.00

The main ingredient for an afternoon tea celebration is obviously the tea itself, and here at Scaramanga we’ve just started stocking a wide variety of different chai teas. Available either on their own, or as a set with a beautiful vintage tea chest, £45, these Tea India blends are guaranteed to refresh and revive you until the end of the day. The set comprises of 80 black tea bags, 40 masala chai bags, 40 vanilla chai bags and 40 bags of cardamom chai, meaning there’s something for absolutely everyone.

Retro Myers Glass Coffee Table, £135

Retro Myers Glass Coffee Table, £135.00

Whether you’re having tea for one, or inviting a group of people round, you’re going to need a table to stand everything on. The retro Myers glass coffee table, £135, is perfect if you love vintage or antique furniture, and features a classic smoked glass top and sturdy teak frame with lower shelf. Measuring W112cmxD48xH35, it’s big enough to spread out comfortably, with enough space leftover for a book or magazine.

Vintage Bottle Crate, £37.50

Vintage Bottle Crate, £37.50

If you’re looking for a tray to balance everything on, why not choose a Scaramanga vintage bottle crate, £37.50 instead of a more modern high street version? The high sides make it perfect for keeping the biscuits and cakes in place, while the bases have been restored and replaced with tough hardwood for extra strength. Featuring remnants of the brand signage, these beautiful crates will add a retro feel to any afternoon tea celebration.

Medium Old Wooden Bowl, £20

Medium Old Wooden Bowl, £20.00

Once you’ve got the tea sorted, you’ll need bowls or plates for any cakes, biscuits or other sweet treats you might be having. The Scaramanga medium old wooden bowl, £20, is perfect; hand carved and completely unique, our wooden bowls are the ideal place for keeping anything from the snacks to the sugar.

Fulani Place Mats, £10

Fulani Place Mats, £10.00

If you’re serving your tea from an antique coffee table, you’re going to want to protect the delicate surface. Rather than covering it with a tablecloth, choose our Fulani place mats, £10, which are hardwearing and ideal for standing hot teapots, cups and bowls on. Hand woven by Fulani tribeswomen from Northern Nigeria, each mat is slightly different and therefore unique – with pink and blue coloured bands, they’ll brighten up your tea time and keep your table scratch free.

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