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Adding Texture To Your Home | by Scaramanga

Adding Texture To Your Home | by Scaramanga

Texture. It's one of the biggest interior design trends of 2017. Adding texture to your home is actually easier than you think. You can add texture by added woven rugs, blankets, throws, pillows and plants, but have you considered adding texture with furniture? We have a large selection of vintage furniture that has it's original paint, so over the years, it's become naturally distressed and now has a lovely patina on it. This authentic patina surface on the furniture is what gives it the texture and how you can add texture to your home. Let's look at some pieces of our vintage furniture that will allow you to easily bring 2017's design trend into your home today. colourful vintage furniture You can see the beautiful texture on these pieces of colouful vintage furniture, the different shades of colour, the different layers of paint all create this texture we're referring to. As a result, the furniture becomes full of character and you'll be able to bring a real statement piece to your home. Every room will have a focal point, so why not make it an eye-catching piece with texture and colour! When should you add texture? Let's start with the bedroom. If you have a bedroom with more solid colours, as in the wall paper, bed covers, etc., then adding a rustic wooden chest full of texture would complement it very well and balance the room out, even making it more noteworthy. You can use your own style sense here, perhaps you want to get a similar colour vintage chest to an existing colour in your bedroom, or if you're feeling more bold, go for something completely different and add that splash of colour you've always wanted. Or you could go smaller and add a small colourful box to your bedroom for small keepsakes or even jewellery. Tip: let opposites attract, complement something smooth, with something rough :-) shabby chic style vintage furniture shabby chic style furniture Another great place to add texture would be to the kitchen. If your kitchen is anything like ours, it has a lot of smooth surfaces from the floors to the counter tops to the appliances, so adding a vintage cupboard or cabinet with a distressed painted surface would tie everything together, and beautifully, might we add. Our collection of cabinets & cupboards range in size from these smaller ones you see below to large armoires for storage. Since your kitchen is most likely the heart of your home, so let your family and guests gather in the warmth of your kitchen after you add a stunning new piece of rustic vintage furniture. shabby chic style vintage furntiure 2017 interior design trends texture painted furniture painted vintage furniture shabby chic style furniture What does adding texture do to a space? Adding texture to your home can really add another dimension. It can have a real positive effect on the senses, both visual and tactile. How fun, right?! It will make your space more interesting, adventures and will be a real treat for the eyes. It can also make your home a bit more welcoming, adding texture, even in furniture, will add warmth and comfort that is sure to please your guests as they'll feel more welcome and comfortable. Tip: you can repeat textures, as in, you can add an ornate door with loads of texture, then add other pieces with the same texture to the room for fluidity. vintage furniture uk vintage furniture uk Something else you can do by adding texture-filled furniture is make it more masculine, no really! Think about exposed brick walls, they are pretty masculine, right? If you have a somewhat feminine space with say, drapes or ruffles, then adding one of these pieces below will balance it out with a more masculine look, such as those exposed brick walls would do. The last thing we'll say on adding texture to your home is too much of a good thing is well, that, too much. So don't overdo it. If you've got a space exploding patterns and colours, then you might not want to add these rustic furniture pieces. And as always, have fun with it, experiment and don't take it too seriously, it's just furniture after all. Save
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