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Five Reasons To Buy A Handmade Classic Leather Satchel From Scaramanga

Five Reasons To Buy A Handmade Classic Leather Satchel From Scaramanga


Here at Scaramanga, we stock a wonderfully eclectic array of homewares and accessories, from sari print journals to vintage suitcases, but what we’re really famous for are our handmade leather satchels. Ethically sourced, beautifully made and on trend, we’ve come up with five fabulous reasons for you to get your hands on one.

Fairly Traded

In the age of fast fashion, where clothing and accessories are often badly mass produced in dangerous factories, it’s rare to find an item which you can be confident was made in a way that harms neither the environment or the people that made it. At Scaramanga, we pride ourselves on not only forging partnerships and long-term relationships with suppliers, but also on paying them fair prices which will improve their standard of living. Our buying team visit the workshops where our leather satchels are produced themselves, rather than employing an external company to do so, meaning we can make sure all staff are well looked after, and are earning a decent wage. For a full list of our ethical practices for our fair trade leather satchel, please click here.


Environmentally Friendly

The manufacturing of garments and accessories is one of the major factors contributing towards global warming and the breakdown of our planet as we know it. Harmful gases from factories, toxic chemicals and the production of certain fabrics and materials all help to cause an irreversible effect on the earth. At Scaramanga, not only are we passionate about ensuring that the talented workers producing our satchels are fairly employed, but we also like to limit our impact on the natural world. Our leather satchels are all handmade from buffalo leather that is vegetable tanned (VT), which means fewer harmful chemicals are used and more natural products, such as waxes and oils are used in the finishing stages in the making our wonderful leather bags. You get a great looking satchel, the world is a cleaner place – everyone wins.


Handmade and Individual

Here at Scaramanga, one of our favourite things about our leather goods is that they’re all entirely handmade. Constructed by local leatherworkers who have been working in the business for over seventy-five years, our satchels are made the same way they would have been sixty years ago. Each bag is constructed from buffalo hide, and left untreated, which means that all the natural marks and lines remain intact, and that no two bags are ever the same. The distressed finish adds a uniquely vintage charm, and also means that you don’t have to wait several years if you’re seeking an antique look.




High Quality

While we take great pride in stocking beautifully made, stylish bags, here at Scaramanga we also like to concentrate on the things you don’t see, such as the manufacturing quality. All of our satchels are triple stitched around the body, to give a super strong and reliable bag, while the buckles and fastenings are custom made. The linings are either green canvas or turquoise cotton, and not only give the bag extra reinforcement, but give a beautiful flash of colour upon opening. Our satchels are built specifically to be used every day, and many of them are both large enough, and strong enough, to hold a laptop, Macbook or iPad safely.


Stylish and Multi-Functional

Whatever your age, whatever your style, there is bound to be a Scaramanga satchel for you. If you’re a student, and want something spacious to carry books in, then choose our large wide leather satchel, £85.00, which measures in at 16 inches, while anybody planning on travelling might like to pick one of our overlander bags. Are you a busy Mum, who refuses to sacrifice her style? Then ditch traditional nappy bags, and choose one of our leather satchels instead – all of the internal pockets make great places to keep bottles and wipes. If you like your accessories a little more modern and colourful, you’ll adore our classic satchel collection; a series of satchels available in red, blue and green – the same traditional style and quality, but with a bit of an edge.

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