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5 Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

5 Ways to Decorate with Mirrors


We love mirrors! We find them to be a very high value decorating piece, not because we're vain and want to see ourselves, but because they add so much depth and light into rooms, they're windows really. When placed right in the home, they can reflect the best aspects of your home, open up areas that are otherwise dark and small, can be viewed as art and according to the Feng Shui, can change the energy of a room. Here are 5 basic tips for decorating with mirrors, coupled with our large selection of vintage, retro and upcycled mirrors to achieve these looks: #1: Use a large mirror in a small space. This might seem counter intuitive to some, but adding a large, even standing or leaning mirror to a small space opens it up and makes it appear bigger. For example, if you have a narrow dark hallway, adding a mirror to the end of it will make it appear longer. For extra depth, install lights or simply put a lamp in the hallway and let the mirror increase the amount of light they let off. Alternatively, put mirror on both sides of the hallway to achieve more width.



#2: Use mirrors outside. What? Yes, if you have an outdoor space, whether it be a patio, sun room, conservatory or deck put up a mirror. Ask any decorator and you will consistently get the same answer, there is nothing better than natural light. So by bringing a mirror outdoors, placing it on your wall behind a sofa or table, you are reflecting natural light. It will also bring the 'home' into your outdoor space, making it feel really cozy.



#3: Mirrors can be artwork. Use mirrors in bold way so they are the center of attention, or focal point of that room. Much like a fantastic piece of art would be. Similar to a lot of people, we too like mirrors over a mantle or fireplace. This can be a real statement in room and it has the added bonus of bringing a constant flow of good energy into your home, according to Feng Shui.



#4: Get creative and layer mirrors. Big mirrors can be expensive, so alternatively you can buy a lot of little mirrors and achieve the same dramatic effect that a big mirror creates. You can get really creative here with different sizes, shapes and colour choices. This look takes a little more thought, so play around with placement before you get out your hammer and nails.




#5: Replace your boring bathroom mirror with something special. Want to remodel your bathroom, but don't have the time or money? You're not alone! However, we've discovered that by taking down your medicine cabinet or cheap frameless mirror that sits behind your sink and replacing it with a neat framed mirror, you can achieve a very modern looking bathroom in no time.



Just a few standard tips to consider: Choose something nice that is going to reflect in your mirror, like a beautiful chandelier, art or lamps. Be careful that you are not just reflecting your laundry basket. Don't put mirrors on your ceiling, so 80's! Mirrors aren't all that necessary in the bedroom and aren't great for Feng Shui, consider putting them in your closet to open it up more. Any tips you have about decorating mirrors? Let us know!
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