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A Twist On The Classic Satchel...

A Twist On The Classic Satchel...

Our Medium Wide Leather Satchel, as seen in May's Vogue
Last Christmas Scaramanga trialled a limited edition range of bags: for the festive season, the classic favourite small and medium wide leather satchels were available with a small front pocket. They were an instant success. However, whilst the small satchel has been readily available with the front pocket ever since, until now the medium has not yet made an appearance this year. But yes, until now. Because with the arrival of our huge container of furniture, which we have been talking about for weeks, came the arrival of the new medium wide satchel with front pocket. Hundreds of them. So now for a very affordable £63.50 you could be the proud owner of a handmade vintage style leather satchel with a small handy front pocket, ideal for your mobile, iPod, wallet/purse or keys. And, with satchels being in the fashion limelight this season, the pocket also adds a different twist to the classic original satchel - so you can conform to the fashion trend whilst still maintaining a unique look to stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank.
Medium Wide Vintage Brown Leather Satchel
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