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2022 Interior Design Trends By Scaramanga

2022 Interior Design Trends By Scaramanga

It's time to look ahead to the big 2022 interior design trends. Overall there’s nothing revolutionary. Some of the trends are continuations from previous years with subtle evolutionary changes. After a couple of years like no other, when we've all been spending much more time at home you’ll notice a theme with trends will focus on reclaiming spaces previously adapted to home working, a renewed interest in bringing the natural world indoors, and a desire to buy and renovate more consciously. A home should really be about living with what you love. Sooz Gordon, Dundee-based interior designer says: ‘Home for me is about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. I am drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative. As a designer and maker, I look for quality materials, and appreciate craftsmanship and artistry’. We're going to bring you trends that'll allow you to create a home space to express yourself in 2022. Whatever you choose you can't really go wrong. We would never advise following trends for big spend pieces because they could easily fall out of trend and you may be left with an expensive piece or an entire room that you regret having spent so much on to not like anymore. So here’s some Scaramanga inspiration for 2022. 2022 Interior design trends for: Overall there’s nothing revolutionary. Some of the trends are continuations from previous years with subtle evolutionary changes. Multi-functional spaces: This shouldn’t be too surprising to most people. We’ve spent almost 2 years working from home, side by side with students and children learning from home. We’ve entertained more from home sporadically. We’ve become more connected to a chosen few, whether it’s through Zoom or a chat and cup of tea at the kitchen table. 2022, like the 1970s, will see a big shift towards entertaining at home and creating spaces for friends and fun times. With home working now a permanent part of many people’s lives creating space for working/studying while still keeping spaces for entertaining / living can be done by creating zones using moveable screens, pop up or lightweight. Or simply by rearranging the layout of your furniture. 2022 interior design trends include indoor plants House Plants: They were on our trends to watch last year and we’re still in love with bringing the outdoors in with houseplants. We’re not talking about small single pots or a container on a windowsill. Create small jungles and eye-popping displays. No one does a better job of showing us what can be achieved in a relatively small space than Hilton Carter, in his book: Wild At Home. There are so many available from a wider choice of outlets than before you will have no problem finding plants to suit your style and spaces. They can be displayed absolutely everywhere – in every room and if space is short they can be hung from walls, ceilings and trail from shelving, wardrobes and cupboards. It is not just about the plants and their flowers, but what they’re planted in. Plant in interesting pots – simple hand-thrown terracotta pots, Mix textures with concrete, faded vintage terracotta pots with chipped edges and smooth geometric curved pots with succulents and cacti. Break up the greenery with brightly coloured glazed pots and repurposed metal containers. Indoor plants fell out of fashion briefly in the 1990s, but we’re happy to report that they’re back – not only are they beautiful, bringing vibrancy and colour to our homes, but they also freshen the air, filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen. green 2022 interior design trend Natural materials and textures: Nature has a calming influence in our lives. Especially on our senses, it calms and relaxes us. So bringing tactile textures like dried flowers and grasses into your home to create mindful spaces. Natural materials also have an irregular form and texture that contrasts well with ‘highly’ finished contemporary items. So pairing natural handwoven jute rug, with wooden furniture, stone floors, with a mid-century glass and polished steel coffee table. Elements of using natural materials can be seen in other styles ranging from ‘rustic modern’ to ‘cottagecore’. The image above shows a natural jute rug and hessian strung vintage iron bench. Sustainability: Sustainability, responsible use of materials, and the rise of the 'biophilia' trend is predicted to be a leading 2022 interior design trend. Climate change has been at the forefront of 2021. Consuming sustainably has led us to think about how we live our lives. Measuring energy consumption and CO2 during the making/fabrication process has led us to reconsider how we buy furniture and homewares. Reclaimed, salvaged, and repurposed interiors are more popular than ever. People want to know where they come from, what materials are used and how they’re made. Of course, reusing and repurposing is nothing new, but people are becoming a lot more accepting of using older materials. Especially as often things were so well made 50, 100 and 150 years ago. Furniture was handmade using traditional tools using durable materials like hardwoods and iron. WE strive to make our homes unique, so searching for a well-made piece that was handcrafted by an expert craftsman, that has since taken on a character of its own makes perfect sense. Green: We’re going to see a lot more green in our homes in 2022. The tranquillity of nature is best reflected by the colour green. It’s the real colour of nature. There’s no specific green, but it is certainly influenced by the botanical and house plant trend we’ve seen over the last few years as well as embracing the idea of bringing the outside inside. Several variations range from emerald green to leaf green or a ‘greeny’ turquoise. We think whichever green you consider using in a room makeover or adding to a room or space it will have a calming effect on your mood. So look at pastel green walls with natural wooden furniture, bold wall prints. If painting a room green is a step too far looks to create smaller areas or pockets of greenness. So vibrant textiles here or a deep green cupboard or armoire set against a satin grey polished concrete floor. Or curate clusters of potted house plants rather than single pots around a room or space. The image above show's Carl's home office with Shweta Mistry's Tranquillity Wallpaper and Farrow and Ball's Breakfast Room Green. Living Room Bars: We can attribute this trend to ‘lockdown’. We all got used to staying at home and recreating our ‘local pub’ or gin/cocktail bar at home. The drinks trolleys and cabinets of the 70s and 80s came back and seems set to stay. People used reclaimed materials like pallets and old wood. They range from chic mid-century Scandi teak pieces to repurposed vehicles like this old Indian tuk tuk bar. We've picked out all our fave 2022 interior design trends that are really easy to bring into your home right now. Nothing crazy, no remodels required, just little things you can change in your home to bring it up to date with the latest interior design ideas. Our full range of authentic antique and vintage furniture and interiors is constantly changing. Our stock can be seen online or at our store in Cupar, Fife.
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