Leather Satchel Bags

Leather Satchel Bags

Our handmade satchels are inspired by the timeless classic vintage leather satchel and are available in an exclusive range of vintage brown leather satchels or as classic coloured satchels in red, black, blue, pink, purple and many other colours. Our brown leather satchel bags range from pocket-sized mini satchels for your essentials to 15 inch laptop satchel bags for work and oversized satchels packed with space, pockets and compartments for travelling. Each has a unique vintage leather look so you don’t have to wait years for that antique leather look. We are proud of our fair trade practices, so you can rest assured that our satchels are sourced ethically. Scaramanga is one of the UK's leading leather satchel bags shops. With prices from just £45 we are sure you will find some of the best leather satchels at Scaramanga.

Our handmade leather satchel bags are inspired by the iconic old school leather satchel. You know, the one you might have carried as a child? You’ll find a leather satchel that suits your lifestyle, whether you are looking for an everyday bag, a work bag or a travel bag. Each leather bag in our collection is designed for style, practicality and durability, oh and of course they are affordable!

You’ll find our leather satchel bags are extremely stylish. But not in that trendy kind of way. We pride ourselves on offering classic and iconic leather bags that you can happily still carry in 8-10 years times. Each bag is crafted from our gorgeous distressed leather, this thick, durable and lush. It gets softer year after year, this only adds to the stunning appeal. Our traditional satchels have that popular and sought-after business smart British look. These satchels will easily accompany any outfit and any season.

Style is great, but what’s even more important is practicality. Our leather bags such as our vintage leather satchels and overlanders can be used for multiple purposes. You can safely and securely carry your laptop to work to work in one of our leather bags. You can wear them cross body which makes the daily commute so much easier, your hands are free to carry your phone and coffee, obviously. As well, our medium vintage leather satchel bag, for example, is great as an everyday bag, it will hold all your essentials as you run around from place to place. There are highly desirable practical design features such as adjustable and removable straps, sturdy handles, multiple pockets, zip compartments and magnetic buttons. These practical aspects make our leather satchel bag a breeze to carry.

Style and practicality are nothing if your bag doesn’t last, right? These are handmade leather bags that crafted from our signature Hunter leather. This leather is thick and can carry a lot of weight. We still hand sew our satchels using traditional old tools. This means you’re getting double stitching on straps and buttons, so your bag won’t let you down when it matters most. The leather is tanned in an eco-friendly way, which is better for the environment and gives you a naturally distressed vintage looking bag. Our greatest compliment we get from customers is hearing their Scaramanga leather bag has lasted 8 years and keeps getting better and better.

Shop our wide range of leather satchel bags today from Scaramangashop.co.uk and get yourself a remarkable new leather bag.

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